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Frequently asked questions

-We have everything in place to provide customs with the electronic data they need.
As we are a business to business provider we classify you as a business therefore receiving goods over £135 requires you to submit a declaration within three months of receiving the goods. Please register for the XI EORI as soon as possible and provide us with this when it is available.
Parcels between GB and NI

The United Kingdom left the EU on January 1st 2021. Shipping costs have remained stable and there is a short delay in transit times.

We will no longer charge VAT on any item.

Tariffs are now payable on goods not made in the United Kingdom. We have endeavored to show you the Tariff code and the originating country of our items. Please use the below link for further guidance from the EU as to the expected tariff payable by yourself of our items. The shipping fee does not include the additional tariff fee, this will be payable by yourself , via the couriers to the EU customs agency.

e.g 6111309000 from a non UK origin is categorised as:-

Textiles and textile articles ->Articles of apparel and clothing accessories, knitted or crocheted ->
Babies' garments and clothing accessories, knitted or crocheted -> Of synthetic fibres ->Other

Enter 6111309000 into the below link.

EU Tariff Guide

You will require a EORI number please see EORI application

For delivery outside the United Kingdom, you may be required to pay an import tax or duty upon delivery. In some countries, the customs agency may impose a tax/duty on imported goods, and the recipient (you) may be required to pay this tax/duty when the package is delivered.

The customer is responsible for paying any taxes or duties or customs clearance fees, and meeting any other import requirements imposed by the customs agency in their country.

If the recipient refuses to pay required import taxes/duties, the customs agency may prevent delivery and return or destroy the package, in which case the customer will not receive a full refund and may receive no refund based on the following:
1)For international orders denied entry or delivery by customs for any reason (including failure of the recipient to pay import duties/taxes) or refused by the recipient, the customer will not be refunded for the original shipping charge or for any charges assessed by the courier for return shipment to us. As such, no refund will be issued if the cost of return shipment exceeds the value of the product. If the value of the product exceeds the cost of return shipment, a partial refund for the difference will be issued once the product is returned.
2)If the customs agency destroys the package due to the recipient's failure to accept delivery or pay the required import duties/taxes, the value of the merchandise will also not be refunded to the customer. In this case, no refund will be issued.

-Just create an account, enter some basic details and a chosen password and you are ready to go.
- A no obligation account will allow you to see our prices without your customers knowing the price you paid.
- We are a wholesaler selling to retail, we do not allow end customers to purchase from us.

-On order placement you will receive an automatic email acknowledgement of "Pending" status.
-We then pick and pack your order and for international customers find our best shipping quote and adjust the invoice. An email is then sent confirming the order status is now "Awaiting Payment" and instructions of how to pay.
*Please note that we pick every order prior to requesting payment, therefore orders placed at night or over the weekend will not change from "Pending" to "Awaiting payment" until we have picked the order the next working day.
-Your order status on payment moves to "Paid: Awaiting Courier" and you will receive a payment confirmation email, and information on the expected delivery time and date. We always provide tracking details with the courier. In the UK you will also be given a one hour delivery slot, if you leave a mobile number with us the courier can contact you via a text message as well as the standard email.
-We will then ship your goods and update the status to "Paid Delivered" once dispatched.

Orders will normally be shipped within one business day of confirmation of payment on the order. For the UK this means an order and payment received prior to noon will usually arrive the following working day. Orders placed and paid for before Friday noon will usually be delivered the following Monday. We use external courier companies and our collection time is 2.30 pm, so an order picked and paid for before noon will be collected the same day.

No. However please be aware of the shipping costs and discounts we can apply on orders over £300 and £600( pre-VAT) , to minimise your shipping costs : Shipping and returns

-We accept paypal and use worldpay to process credit/debit cards over the phone or via worldpay's secure Internet payment gateway . You may request our bank details for bank transfer, however please note that we will not dispatch until the funds have reached our account. We manually accept each order to ensure quality and appropriate shipping rates. Please allow 30 minutes between placing the order and telephoning for payment. We use Worldpay's on-line e-payment service and do not hold any card details ourself.

For orders placed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, processing commences the following Monday.

Goods must be paid for in advance of dispatch and we do no longer offer credit terms.

This is the price you will pay for one item, this will always be in GBP British pounds.
A pack is the minimum quantity that we sell of a particular style. We endeavour to keep these as small as possible. E.g. one of a size of a colour. When you place the order please note you will be entering the stock into your basket in packs

This website can take orders 24 hours a day.
-Office hours are 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday, an answering service is available at all other times, please leave your details including name and contact number and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Yes. We strive to keep our prices competitive. If you advise us of one of our items being sold elsewhere at a lower price we will match it. This applies to non-sale stock from other wholesale suppliers, we will validate the price difference and refund the difference when confirmed.

All items are for the independent retail market therefore you choose the price to sell. Our starting advise is that the markup on baby items is at least 100% so double the cost from us. We do not encourage price wars that then effect our own sales and sales of the brand.

This is our family business, we will endeavour to protect our retailers from poor business practise by other retailers. As this is likely to effect our own business and the brands we rely on both in reputation and also with complaints. Price wars are not encouraged and will be actively discouraged as they only damage all involved and may result in us removing the sale of a brand. Please heed this advise and call us if you would like to hear our experience of the last 50 years. Brands that are pro-active in the monitoring of thie brand online include ( but are not restricted to) Sevva, Melia and Mintini. Please call prior to ordering if you are an online only retailer and we can advise as to their requests.

Yes, please enter "TBA" or an expected shop name. You may edit the details in future.

On account creation we request your company name, phone number and e-mail. Using these details we verify your status as a retailer. Please e-mail us if you feel an introduction will support this verification e.g. if you based in a residential building

Currently these are just a small fraction of the styles we are expecting next season. Whilst you are welcome to register an interest in them using the links, please do be aware that these are sample photographs and expected sale prices. Some styles may not make it to production/ may vary in detail when made/ may be rejected due to quality issues. Spring/Summer 2022 stock is likely to arrive between the January 2022 and March 2022. The delivery window is 3 months, when I have a more accurate date the style will be in the main catalogue. So please do not be frustrated if we cannot tell you when the stock is arriving any more accurately than "before April"!.

Please provide us with as much information as possible to support your re-selling of our items.

Our prices are geared towards bulk distribution of orders to resellers. Both drop shipping and Amazon collection requires a higher workload on our business. We are therefore unable to offer this service currently due to the increased cost/time not being factored into the bulk sale price advertised.

We strongly advise that you never pre-sell an item before receiving it from us. Whilst we do sell from stock physically in our warehouse, it is solely your responsibility to uphold a deposit or promise to your customer.

Please place a second order with the extra items on it. We will always remove the second delivery charge and ensure it goes into the same box.

Firstly, use the "forgotten password" link on the account logon screen. An e-mail will be sent automatically containing a new password. Cut and paste this when you next try and log-in. Please do not forget to reset your password once you are logged on.

Please use the contact us page to notify us, we will get back in touch.

We are happy to supply on-line traders. Please enter "on-line seller" as the company name if you do not have an established name.

Whilst we are happy for you to use our photographs, please take a copy and link them via your webserver, not linking directly to our photographs. You can only download the photographs when logged into the site

No. The price you see on the website is the price you pay.

No, this is because we buy in cartons and therefore need to sell in packs. However, please contact us if you have a particular request. Additionally keep an eye out for our bundles as quite often we will offer these in a particular size or colour.

Approximate size guide
Clothing (age is a guideline only)
Early Baby 2.3kg 5lbs
Tiny Baby 3.4kg 7.5lbs 50cms
Newborn 4.5kg 10lbs 56cms
0-3 months 6.5kg 14.5lbs 62cms
3-6 months 8kg 17.5lbs 68cms
6-9 months 9kg 19.8lbs 74cms
9-12 months 10.5kg 23lbs 80cms
12-18 months 12kg 25.5lbs 86cms
18-24 months 15kg 30lbs 92cms

Shoes/Socks (age is a guideline only)
Age: 0-3 months = UK shoes size Newborn 0-00
Age: 0-6 months = UK shoe size Baby 0-0
Age: 0-12 months = UK 0-2.5, European 15-18
Age: 12-24 months = UK3-5.5, European 19-22

Size 1 European 17
Size 2 European 18
Size 3 European 19
Size 4 European 20.5
Size 5 European 21.5
Size 6 European 23
Size 7 European 24
Size 8 European 25.5
Size 9 European 27
Size 10 European 28
Size 11 European 29
Size 12 European 30.5
Size 13 European 32
Adult 1 European 33
Adult 2 European 34.5
Adult 3 European 35.5
Adult 4 European 37
Asult 5 European 38

Hats (age is a guideline only):
40 approx newborn
42 approx Newborn months
44 approx 0-3 months
46 approx 3-6 months
48 approx 6-12 months
50 approx 12-24 months
52 approx 2-5 years

We stock from over 50 different manufacturers.All brands are designed for the independent retail market.

No. Due to the high turnaround of our stock we found that a paper catalogue is out of date before it is even printed.

We are a family run business so everyone you speak to will be able to answer your queries. We are contactable on the phone between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

No, all parcels must be signed for. You may provide us with further details to instruct the delivery driver which we will pass on.

A consignment ID will only be generated once the parcel has left our premises. We will also provide you with the website details of the appropriate courier company.

As a wholesaler selling to retail. We do not offer this service through the Royal Mail due to the additional costs of time spent travelling and queuing and parking charges. At our discretion we may use a courier jiffy bag ( 30cm x 20 cm x 5 cm) for which we can reduce the cost. Please note the jiffy bag is not large and is fixed in size by the courier.

We are a small family business, trading independently. You can find more details About us by clicking this link.

No. Our styles are from independent brands and consequently we do not offer exclusivity to an area/town .

Where an item supplied that is then altered by the Buyer, for example for personalised embroidery, this item then is no longer the original product. The Buyer then takes over the responsibility for the product for compliance to any relevant Safety Standards.

This means that the complimentary item e.g hat/headband is NOT factored into the price of the garment. The complimentary component of the style is therefore not subject to our normal returns policy.

We have supported numerous new enterprises and are always willing to share our experiences with you.

We believe our prices are fair. Whilst we do not discount, as all shops are either new, old, small, large , local, international, this should reassure you that we are keeping the playing field level for all.

We are a working warehouse with no showroom. To keep overheads down and therefore our prices we do not in general take appointments for buying visits. We do of course allow collections of online orders from our local customers.