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White Shoe

(Choose EUR 16-20) by Sevva
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SVCarlosW White Shoe (Choose EUR 16-20)
      by Sevva
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Soft Soled shoe with laces and fleece lining.
Size 0 European 16 US 1 shoe length 100mm
Size 1 European 17 US 2 shoe length 110mm
Size 2 European 18 US 3 shoe length 115mm
Size 3 European 19 US 4 shoe length 120mm
Size 4 European 20.5 US 5 shoe length 125mm
Sevva  * SVCarlosW White Shoe (Choose EUR 16-20)
OriginOutside United Kingdom

We restock frequently the Sevva brand, if the size you require is not on our shelf above please contact us and we will advise the timeframe for getting it back in.