Contact nipple Shields 24mm 2 pack



For mothers that are experiencing latching challenges, Lansinoh® Contact Nipple Shields are effective tools to help address short-term latch-on issues related to nursing a premature, small, or ill infant, flat or inverted nipples, tongue and/or lip tie, or overactive let-down, until they can be resolved.

Special cut out design to maximize skin-to-skin contact
Ultra-thin, super soft, flexible, and 100% silicone
BPA and BPS Free
Available in two different sizes 20mm or 24mm size, with a protective case for hygiene and convenience

We recommend that all mothers consult with a healthcare professional or breastfeeding expert before and during the use of a nipple shield. Nipple shields are designed to address short-term latching problems until the underlying issue can be resolved.
EAN: 5060062996104
Assorted (Pack of 3)